Star Wars Impression Cutter

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Create various Star Wars characters and logo with one of these Star Wars Impression Cutters. Whether it is Darth Vader you are after, or just the logo, there is a cutter here to suit!


To use, simply roll out the fondant or gum paste to the desired thickness, cut the fondant with the cutter and impress the detail with the plunger.



Darth Vader - 6.2cm wide x 6.2cm high

Jabba the Hut - 6cm wide x 4.2cm high

Logo (Small) - 6.2cm wide x 2.7cm high

Luke - 5cm wide x 6.2cm high

Princess Leia - 5cm wide x 6.2cm high


These Unique cookie cutters with the stamp are made from food safe material. Impression material made of clear acrylic. The cutter material made of Poly Lactic Acid (corn starch). These cutters must be hand washed in cool water. The cutter may be damaged if exposed to hot water.