Plastic Cakers Dowels

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Plastic Cakers Dowels are a fantastic way to support your cake when creating multiple tiers. They are just as easy to cut with scissors as Poly Dowels. These plastic dowels are an innovative and safe way  to stack your tiered cakes. Each dowel can be cut with scissors or chicken shears to the exact length you require. No hand saw is needed once you changeover from timber skewers to Plastic Dowels.


These new plastic dowels are have a much thicker wall compared to poly dowels however they don't have the internal ribbed design. Don't risk your cake with the Bubble straws. Other dowels may be prone to collapsing. Plastic Cakers Dowels have been engineered with a thicker wall to ensure that they can support the weight of cakes.


Features include;

  • Easy to cut with scissors.
  • Easy to see when disassembling cake.
  • Sanitary
  • Disposable
  • Not chemically treated



11 3/4" (29.7cm) long x 8mm diameter



1 each or in packs of 50

Length - 12" (30.5cm) and diameter 1/4" (0.60cm).