Silho Cake Silicone Mat - Calligraphy Celebration

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Create elegant calligraphy phrases, butterflies, roses and more with the Calligraphy Celebration Silho Mat from Silho Cake! Coupled with Silho black product you will be making these silhouttes in no time at all. This mat works in conjunction with the Wedding silho mat.


Use in conjunction with Black Silho Cake Mix. 



45cm wide x 30cm high




Smaller Roses x 3 (Top Left) - 3.6cm wide x 3.5cm high

Large Rose (Top Left) - 9.5cm wide x 9.3cm high

Man Proposing to woman (Middle Left) - 7.8cm wide x 9.5cm high

Largest Butterfly x 2- 4.2cm wide x 3.5cm high

Large Butterfly x 2- 2.8cm wide x 2.3cm high

Medium Butterfly x 1 - 2.2cm wide x 1.8cm high

Small Butterfly x 6 - 1.3cm wide x 1.1cm high



Happy Birthday to you - 28.8cm wide x 3.5cm high

Many Great Returns - 25.4cm wide x 3.5cm high

Dream Live Life Love - 20.7cm wide x 3.8cm high

Happily Ever After - 23.2cm wide x 3.8cm high

Best Day Ever - 16.6cm wide x 3.5cm high

Always & Forever - 21.7cm wide x 3.2cm high

Congratulations - 20.5cm wide x 4cm high

Love (Bottom Left) - 15.5cm wide x 9.6cm high