Sculpey Tools - Essential Tool Set

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The Sculpey Essential Tools Set is the perfect kit to get a wide range of modelling tools in one kit. The set comes with 8 different tools that can perform 11 different functions!


Each tool is a dual purpose shaping and smoothing tool, perfect for surface finishing and detailed work.



The Essential Tool Set comes with the following tools.

  1. Plastic Rolling Pin - Perfect for small amounts of rolling
  2. Super Slicer blade - Rigid blade with 2 detachable handles (items 3 & 4). Use for clean straight cuts and edges
  3. Handle for item 2
  4. Handle for item 2
  5. 6mm style and detail tool. Click here for the full set of 3
  6. Texture Wheel with two rollers (Vine & Rope Wheels)
  7. Texture Wheel
  8. Texture Wheel
  9. Blunt Point Tool - Plastic tool with two distinctive ends, perfect for forming and detailing clay
  10. Clay Knife - Plastic Knife for cutting, smoothing and bending fondant & gum paste
  11. Needle End Pointer - Use the needle for small holes and details as well as Royal Icing flooding on cookies. The opposite end is perfect for smoothing or making distinctive circle marks




Wash with warm soapy water