Renshaw Extra Fondant Icing - 3kg

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Buy Renshaw Extra Fondant Icing in larger quantities with their convenient 3kg pail. Packaged in three, 1kg packets, you only need to open the amount you plan to use. Receive bulk pricing on convenient, smaller packets of Renshaw Fondant. Renshaw Extra Fondant Icing has been formulated for Australian conditions. If you have used Renshaw fondant before and weren't impressed, try Renshaw Extra as you will be amazed at the difference!


Renshaw Extra has a much firmer texture than the standard Renshaw fondant that follows the UK recipe. Renshaw Extra Fondant is extra firm and extremely elastic. This ensures that you can roll it thinner than any other fondant you have used in the past without elephant skin forming, not it cracking when stretched. With those new properties, it is suitable for our hot and humid climates!



3kg Pail (3 x 1kg packs)



Black, Ivory & White



Made in a factory that handles nuts. May contain gluten.