Patchwork Cutter - Extra Large Music Note Set

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Extra Large Music Note Patchwork Cutter set


For the music lovers, there are plenty of music note patchwork cutters in this set! 



Large Note 1 - 10cm high x 7.5cm wide

Large Note 2 - 9cm high x 6cm wide

Large treble clef - 8cm high x 3.5cm wide

Medium Notes x 3 - All are 5.5cm high x 2cm wide / 3.5cm wide and 4cm wide

Small Notes x 3 - All 2.5cm high x 1cm wide / 1.5cm wide and 2cm wide

Small Treble Clef x 1 - 4cm high x 1.5cm wide


Made in the UK and designed by Marion Frost.