Martellato Pantograph Ribbon Cutter

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The Martellato Pantograph is a must have tool for the serious cake decorator. Also known as a ribbon cutter or dough cutting wheel, this versatile tool makes creating strips of sugar paste so easy. The cutting wheels can be adjusted to differing widths or uniform widths depending on the application. The Martallato Ribbon Cutter is an extremely strong ribbon cutter that is the strongest we have found on the market. It outstrips the competitors on quality and durability.


To use, simply unscrew the end of the tool and adjust the spacers and cutting wheels to your liking. The kit comes with 12 cutting wheels (4 of the same design) that provide straight cutting, lightly wavy cuts and large wavy cuts. 



4 x smooth wheels 

4 x wavy / fluted wheels (small wave)

4 x wavy / fluted wheels (large wave)

4 x 5mm spacers

2 x 10mm spacers

2 x 15mm spacers

1 x threaded rod

2 x end caps



Wheels - 7cm Diameter

Rod - 19.8cm long x 2.1cm diameter



Made in Italy