Loyal Sultane Piping Tip No.796 Set (Includes 18" Piping Bags)

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Start piping with the original and the best Sultane Piping Tip from Loyal Bakeware. The 796 Sultane piping tip from Loyal has a strong supporting structure to ensure that the centre of the tip will not be damaged. Unlike other Sultane Tips on the market, you can pipe the thickest of products through the piping tip.


When comparing the Sultane piping tips, ensure that you compare the size as the Loyal Sultane Tip is massive! To make the meringues and cupcake finishes using the sultane tip, you need a large tip to create the design successfully. This unique piping tip can be used to create crisp, sharp meringue shells, or can be used to pipe buttercream or cream onto cupcakes, cakes, biscuits and many other pastries. The hollow section can be filled with your favourite fillings to create a unique desert. 


This tip set from Loyal includes a pack of 10 disposable 18" piping bags.



1 x Loyal Bakeware 796 Sultane Piping Tip

10 x Loyal 18" Disposable Piping Bags



Smaller end (Hollow Section) - 2.5cm diameter

Smaller end (Outer Section) - 3cm diameter

Larger end - 5.5cm diameter



This tip does not fit in a coupler. Use directly an 18" piping bag when using the Sultane 796 piping tip.