Loyal Peony Leaf Cutter Set - Set of 3

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Add an extra level of realism to your sugar peonies with sugar peony leaves as well, using the Loyal Flower Cutter and Veiner System.


These cutters are designed to be used together with the Loyal Peony Leaf Silicone Veiners. Simply cut your leaves from gum paste using the cutters, then gently press between the veiners to create beautiful, life-like leaves that you can then add to your sugar peonies.


Peony - Popular wedding flower with many layers of petals. When fully open, the flower exposes a cluster of stamens.



  • Sharp stainless steel for precision cutting
  • Folded top edge for safety
  • Spot welded join
  • Food grade
  • For use with gum paste, modelling chocolate and marzipan
  • Keep dry and clean at all times for longevity



(smallest to largest):

3cm wide x 6.5cm high

4.5cm wide x 6.5cm high

5cm wide x 9.5cm high