Loyal Heavy Duty Aluminium Turntable

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You will never need another turntable for your cake projects again after buying the Loyal Heavy Duty Aluminium Turntable! This turntable is strong, swivels with the smallest amount of movement and has no wobble! Featuring a non slip base which is wider than other turntables on the market. This ensures that your cakey creation is safe whilst on the turntable.


Some of the features of this strong aluminium turntable are;

  • Extra smooth rotation due to stainless steel bearings
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Non Slip Padded Base
  • Bevelled edges mean no sharp edges
  • Guides on the turntable to ensure your cake is centred



32cm (12.6") in diameter x 10cm high



Silver (aluminium finish)



Wipe down with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water