Jem Floral Applique - Jacobean Style Cutter Set - Set of 12

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Create floral designs in Jocobean style using this Floral Applique set from Jem. This set of 12 fondant cutters come with instructions on how to use them.


Roll out your fondant to the desired thickness and let the cutter to the rest!



Top Row:

4.3cm wide x 1.9cm high

5cm wide x 2.3cm high

2.7cm wide x 3.8cm high

1.8cm wide x 4.8cm high


Middle Row (left to right):

4.3cm wide x 1.9cm high

2.7cm wide x 2.3cm high

4.1cm wide x 2cm high

1.8cm wide x 4.8cm high


Bottom Row:

8.7cm wide x 4.4cm high

5.5cm wide x 3cm high

5.5cm wide x 3cm high

2.7cm wide x 2.3cm high