High Heel Shoe Kit

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Create your own elegant high heel shoes from sugar paste with this High Heel Shoe Kit. The kit comes with all the tools you need to create the shoe, complete with instructions and templates to create the shoe. The templates are a great start, however you can personalise your shoe by creating your own templates to add sides onto your shoe.


Create the shoe shown in the pictures (excluding the cake lace). Be aware of cheaper kits that do not include the shoe sole cookie cutter. This is an integral part of the kit that will ensure you make beautiful shoes every time! 


Heel Silicone Mould

Shoe Sole Cookie Cutter

Toe Strap former / support

Heel / Shoe Sole drying ramp

Templates for both the heel and toe straps


Sole Cookie Cutter - 25cm long x 6cm wide x 2.8cm high

Heel Height - 11.2cm high (4.25")

Ramp Height - 11.5cm high