Harlequin - Multi Colour Stencil

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Create this geometric harlequin pattern on your cake with the Harlequin Multi Coloured Stencil from Sandra Dillon Designs. These stencils are so easy to use! The unique design allows you to overlay each stencil to use a different colour to create the pattern. Your imagination is your limit with these amazing stencils!


Multi-colour stencils are designed to save you time, give your cakes an exquisite edge and foster your creativity. They require little or no expertise to get stunning results! They can be used with Royal icing, dusts and airbrush paints.



Overall Stencil Dimensions: 28.9cm wide x 12.5cm deep

Approximate Design Dimensions: 22.5cm wide x 9cm deep



  • Your set consists of four layers – one layer for each colour. Place the first stencil down and secure in position – lightly mark or scribe where each of the notches are – colour, carefully remove the first stencil and allow colour to dry. Repeat until all layers have been used, making certain that each layer’s notches line up precisely with the original marked notches.
  • Each layer is numbered – this is a guide only.
  • Stencils are easier to use on a smooth surface without lumps and bumps.
  • These stencils can be used with many food colours but if the colour is thick e.g. royal icing, we suggest you apply this last.
  • Each layer has engraved text, make sure this is facing up.



4 x stencils to make the full design.



Gently wash in warm soapy water and dry before use. Food contact approved material.