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Frost Form - The Round Kit - 2 Tier Sets

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The Frost Form Round Two Tier Sets are bundled together in the most popular stacked sizes to make your life that little bit easier, and that little but cheaper ;) Whether you are a business baker or just love creating some cake magic in your kitchen at home, the Frost Form Kits will help you create flawlessly iced cakes with perfect corners and edges in a third of the time it would have taken you to ice it free hand. 


The Frost Form Round Two Tier Sets ares available in two size combinations - 5" & 7", and 6" & 8" - and are perfect for cakes iced with American buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream, Cake Cream, Ganache and even Jelly! 


The Frost Form kit size correlates with the size of tin you use to bake your cakes, so if you are baking a cake in a 6" tin, you will need to purchase the 6" kit.  



2 x Frost Form in 2 different sizes

2 x Crumb Cutter/Cake Trim Ring in 2 different sizes

2 x Liner in 2 different sizes



5" & 7" Round

6" & 8" Round



  1. Trim your cake using the crumb cutter. cut your cake in layers and upside down for best results 
  2. Use your medium of choice (icing, ganache) to stick your liner base to your former base, then attach your cake to this using frosting again. Make sure your cake is centred! Place a small tin/dummy into your former and then put your cake onto the tin/dummy.
  3. Wrap your liner around your cake and make sure it sits in the bottom of the former. Secure the clip - Do not fold it! 
  4. Hold your former and lift it up to slide your cake into the frost form. Make sure you have an even space all the way around before filling. Adjust your cake if needed. 
  5. Pipe your filling into the space in your Frost Form. Only use milk or dark chocolate ganache for your first few times. Before you use buttercream or white chocolate ganache we highly recommend watching the tutorials on YouTube!
  6. Make sure yo fill the top with ganache also. For this technique, a generous amount works best. 
  7. Use a small spatula to scrape around and tidy up the top. Gently tap your Frost Form on a tea towel to level out the top. Chill your cake in the fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight, or for 45-50 in the freezer. 
  8. Use a small dummy or tin to release your cake from your form. Unclip the liner and gently peel it off. 
  9. Use a scraper or palette knife to run up your seam and flatten and smooth your top. Fill in any air bubbles with your frosting and scrape away to smooth. 
  10. Once you're happy, make sure to remove your former and liner base! you can lift your cake and attach it to a larger cake board with some of your left over icing. 



Made with 3mm clear acrylic.