Forest Creatures Silicone Mould

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This Forest Creatures Silicone Mould is perfect for your next forest or wonderland cake. The mould consists of 19 different items. Some items include an owl, a hare, leaves, mushrooms and more.


Made from food grade silicone, you will make perfect forest creatures in no time at all. 



Top Row (Left to Right)

Acorn - 1cm wide x 1.7cm long

Leaf - 1cm wide x 2.3cm long

Hedgehog - 1.6cm wide x 2.2cm high

Maple Leaf - 1.4cm wide x 2.4cm long 


2nd Row (Left to Right)

Squirrel - 2.3cm wide x 3.4cm high

Owl - 4.4cm wide x 3.7cm high

Deer - 4.3cm wide x 5.4cm high

Hedgehog - 2.2cm wide x 3.5cm high 

Fox - 3.2cm wide x 4.4cm high 


3rd Row (Left to Right)

Large Pine Cone - 1.6cm wide x 2.2cm high

Medium Pine Cone - 1.5cm wide x 2cm high

Large Toadstool - 2.3cm wide x 2.8cm high

Bear - 2.5cm wide x 3.6cm high 

Birds in a Nest - 2.6cm wide x 2.3cm high 

Pigeon - 1.7cm wide x 1.8cm high 


Bottom Row (Left to Right)

Small Pine Cone - 1cm wide x 1.7cm high

Small Toadstool - 1.4cm wide x 1.9cm high

Snail - 1.7cm wide x 1.8cm high 

Birds in a Nest - 2.6cm wide x 2.3cm high 

Rabbit / Hare - 2.1cm wide x 4.1cm high