FMM Party Balloon Cutter Set

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Create an exciting, 3D party cake with these easy to use Party Balloon Cutters from FMM Sugarcraft. The set comes with 8 different shaped balloons, such as stars, hearts as well as a poodle! 


The shapes that you create out of gum paste can be used with flower wire to create decorations above your cake. Alternatively, using either fondant or gum paste, you can stick them to the side of your cake.


Watch the video below to see some tips and tricks on how to use the FMM Balloon Cutter Set.



Refer to the image of the cutters with the black background


TOP ROW (left to right):

4cm wide x 3.8cm high

2.4cm wide x 6cm high

5cm wide x 4.4cm high

4cm wide x 4.5cm high

1.7cm wide x 5.8cm high


BOTTOM ROW (left to right):

5.2cm wide x 4.4cm high

3cm wide x 5.4cm high

1.7cm wide x 8.9cm high