FMM Mix & Match Large Face Cutter

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Create endless different faces for cake and cupcake toppers with this amazing universal cutter from FMM. The Mix 'n' Match Face Cutter is a revolutionary all-in-one cutter that allows you to cut a 5" face shape on one side, and a huge range of features, including horns, on the other!


With this FMM cutter you can create frogs, tropical fish, unicorns, tigers, foxes, hippos, fantasy animals, zoo animals and so much more!


Watch the video below on how to use the Mix 'n' Match Face Cutter



Circle: 12.7cm diameter

Small Oval: 3cm wide x 2.4cm high

Large Oval: 6.3cm wide x 5cm high

Circle: 1.1cm diameter

Ear: 4.2cm wide x 4cm high

Horn: 2.4cm wide x 6.6cm high