DIY Acrylic Cake Topper - Simple Plaque

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Create a name plaque that will stand out on your next cake. The beauty with DIY toppers is that once you are done, strip off the fondant and put it away until next time! DIY Toppers create the support for your toppers, meaning quicker toppers every time! These DIY acrylic toppers are made from laser cut, 3mm acrylic which ensures smooth edges and a perfect finish. 


DIY Toppers give you the platform to make your own design whilst the acrylic is providing support for your topper design. Simply glue your fondant or sugar paste to the acrylic with a small amount of sugar glue. Trim the edges by using the side of the topper as a guide. Your imagination is the limit.



11cm wide x 6.3cm high (not including spike)

11cm wide x 14.2cm high (including spike)






Peel off all the sugar paste, hand wash in warm and soapy water.