Cassie Brown's Cake Craft - Professional Airbrush & Compressor Kit - 50psi

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Looking for a high quality professional airbrush? Look no further. This airbrush set from Cassie Brown's Cake Craft runs at a remarkable 50psi which is more than enough pressure for the largest of jobs. The pressure can be easily regulated to a lower pressure when you need to do fine detailed work. With its compact design, this airbrush is highly portable for use on the go, or when space is tight.


This airbrush is ideal when working with thicker metallic or sheen paints. The higher the pressure, the easier it is for the paint to be sprayed through the airbrush, resulting in a higher quality finish. 


Change the valve fitting (supplied) to convert it from a single action airbrush to a dual action airbrush. If you aren't sure what that means, let me explain. Single action means that air is always flowing through the airbrush and with one "single" action pulling back on the trigger will allow paint to flow out the nozzle. In the double action configuration there is no air flowing through the airbrush until you do "two" distinct actions. Pressing down on the trigger allows air to flow through the nozzle and pulling back on the trigger allows the airbrush paint to flow out the nozzle. There is no right or wrong method. Some people prefer single action airbrushing and others prefer dual action.



  • Large 0.5 nozzle and needle
  • 7cc cup with lid
  • Single or Dual action
  • 2M Braided hose
  • Airbrush holder on front



  • Zero maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
  • Pre-set maximum pressure: 50 psi
  • Pressure Adjustable with gauge

  • The motor on the compressor is more powerful than normal airbrushes, so this one is not working as hard when you use it. 
  • The hose is clear allowing you to see any blockages. 
  • Touch activated, on-off control.
  • Most airbrushes come with a 2cc cup for your airbrush colour. The Dinkydoodle airbrush comes with a 3cc cup allowing you to hold more colour, for longer periods of work between refills. 
  • Leather pouch to protect the Airbrush gun. 
  • Dawn is confident in her products so she is offering a 2 year warranty.