Cake Star Push Easy Shape Plunger Cutters

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Use these innovative new plunger cutters from Cake Star to cut circles, stars, hearts in a variety of different sizes and designs. Cake Star Push Easy Shapes Plunger Cutters are well designed, easy to use cutters that will last you a life time.



Star Plunger Cutter with three sizes

Circle Plunger Cutter with three sizes

Heart Plunger Cutter with three sizes

Star Plunger Cutter with cut out centre and embossed design

Heart Plunger Cutter with cut out centre and embossed design

Circle Plunger Cutter with an embossed design



6 plunger cutters make up the set



3 Star Plunger Cutter: 1.2cm wide, 1.7cm wide & 2.7cm wide

3 Circle Plunger Cutter: 1.1cm diameter, 1.4cm diameter & 2cm diameter

3 Heart Plunger Cutter: 1cm wide x 1cm high, 1.4cm wide x 1.4cm high & 2cm wide x 1.8cm high

Single Star: 4.3cm wide x 4.3cm high

Single Heart: 4.3cm wide x 4.2cm high

Single Circle: 5cm diameter