Cake & Scrape Acrylic Side Scraper - Hemisphere

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Smooth ganache on 3D sphere cakes with ease using these acrylic cake side scrapers from Cake & Scrape. The hemisphere scrapers come in two sizes which gives you the ability to make a smaller, or larger cake if required. 


Cake & Scrape acrylic scrapers are food safe acrylic scrapers and work extremely well with ganache, buttercream and cream.


The small scraper will suit a 5" to 6" hemisphere cake pan and the large scraper will suit an 8" hemisphere cake pan.



To use the scraper, hold it at 30 degrees from the cake surface and apply even firm pressure. Finish off any seams with a small spatula. 



Small - 12.5cm wide by 17.5cm high

Large - 16cm wide by 23cm high



This product is not dishwasher safe.