Cake Frame - Tiers & Spheres Kit

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Impress your mates by creating gravity defying cakes using the Cake Frame, Tiers & Spheres Kit. Make the seemingly impossible cakes using the tiers and spheres cake frame. With this easy to use Cake Frame kit, you can reproduce a massive range of differently styled pouring cakes such as the ones pictured, or your own imaginative design!


The Tiers and Spheres cake frame allows you to make many different designs that include spheres  which require multiple supports within the cake to allow you to sculpt spherical shapes out of cake and ganache. The Tiers and Spheres comes with instructions to create many different designs, or you can simply adapt the frame to suit your own crazy designs!


  • Ideal for making celebration cakes
  • Reinforces without being visible
  • Specially designed for multi-tiered and spherical cakes
  • Interchangeable components fit seamlessly together
  • Dishwasher safe

There are no toxic materials, no drilling or tools required. Simply click together the food grade materials and start baking!


This kit contains:

12 x Blanking Cap

1 x Collar

1 x Lock Nut

3 x Medium Rods

3 x Small Rods

1 x 10″ Round Base Board

1 x 6″ Round Platform

1 x 4″ Round Platform

1 x Short Foundation


Made in the UK.


**The video below uses parts from the Starter kit, however the principles are the same.**