Amazing Mold Putty - 300g

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Manufacture your own Silicone Moulds at home for that next bespoke cake project. The Amazing Mould Putty Kit is easy to use and you can have your own silicone mould ready to go in 30 minutes! Amazing Mould Putty is food grade and made in the USA.


Simply mix equal amounts of part A to part B and press the object to be cast into the liquid silicone! This silicone is suitable for fondant, gum paste, sugar paste, buttercream and more. You can even use it to cast isomalt, soap, wax and more!



Makes 300g of Silicone



  • Measure equal amounts of Part A and Part B
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Insert object to be casted into the silicone
  • Let the silicone cure for 20 minutes
  • Remove your object. You're ready to go!