14 Piece Small Modelling Tool Set

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16 piece small modelling tool set.


The set comes with the following tools;

- Frilling Tool - Create veins on sugar flowers or simple lines in sugar art.

- Shell Tool - Create embossed shell patterns and borders. Can also be used to make feet for sugar animals.

- Tapered Cone - Indent or emboss into fondant or gum paste to create a cone shaped hollow (apples etc)

- Three different serrated cones - Create realistic throats when making a wide variety of flowers.

- Large and small balling tool - Used to cup and shape leaves, petals and frills using a foam pad.

- Bone Tool - Perfect for thinning and smoothing the edges of leaves, flower petals and frills.

- Blade Tool - Used to cut and trim the medium without marking the work surface. 

- Scollop and Comb Tool - Create smiling or sad mouth, ears and eyebrows. The comb end if ideal for marking and embossing a serrated design.

- Flower / Leaf shaper tool - Also known as a dresden tool. Create veins, flutes or shape leaves.


Size: Tool lengths are 12cm. They are smaller than standard sugar flower tools.