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Cake Lace


Cake Lace, also known as edible lace was a well kept secret of professional cake decorators and pastry chefs. Several products have been available for some time, these are Sugarveil and Flexipaste. However with Cake Lace you now have a product that is extremely easy to use and apply. In as little as 20 minutes, you can make a professional looking cake lace which will make the professionals jealous!



We stock a range of cake lace mats! From Silicone Embossed Cake Lace mats through to 3D Cake Lace mats. All our cake lace mats are suitable for use with Cake Lace mixes, Sugarveil, Crystal Lace, Flexi-Paste and other cake lace or icing on the market. The mat can also be used as an impression mat.



These silicone mats are beautifully designed lace mats. The Art Deco cake lace mat has three strips of lace with bold geometric shapes, where as the Crystal cake lace mat is so versatile with swirls of snow flakes and selections of individual snow flakes that looks amazing on large cakes or even cupcakes!


The Cake Lace mats are beautifully crafted, feel supple and of very good quality will last the test of time!



We stock some beautifully designed lace mats with a 3D effect that is the first of its kind! From beautiful butterflies, to bows and even cupcake wrappers the Cake Lace 3D designed mats are a revolution of cake lace mats! Used in conjunction with the pre-mixed cake lace products the 3D cake laces will stay stiff to maintain the 3D effect.



Of all the products in the market, Cake Lace is by far the easiest to use and the quantity of lace produced per tub is by far more economical than other products. 


Within 20 minutes using the standard cake lace mix you can have cake lace ready for use on a cake, or able to be stored for months whilst maintaining its flexibility. The pre-mix products from Cake Lace is ready to use straight from the tub and dries firmer than the standard product. The firmer Cake Lace can be used to make some of the popular 3D Cake Lace that looks amazing. From Butterflies to the classic look real life lace, Cake Lace will create beautiful masterpieces.



The best thing about Cake Lace is there is only one tool you need after buying the cake lace mats and cake lace mixes. A Cake Lace Spreading knife is the tool required to spread the cake lace mix over the mat.