Airbrush Equipment & Paints


We have a range of airbrush kits to help you create a range of amazing coloured cakes and decorations. Our kits come as a complete set and have everything you need to start making dazzling creations that will be the centre of attention at any gathering, party or wedding.



Well the first thing you will need is a cake airbrushing kit, some cake airbrushing supplies, some creativity and most of all patience. This is an artform that requires a steady hand, an eye for detail and the desire to try different things.


If you’re after more instructional information about how to airbrush your cakes there’s loads of YouTube videos on airbrushing cakes and also many discussions on the web about airbrushing kits, supplies and techniques


Dawn Butler who is extremely passionate about Cake Airbrushing has a fantastic series of self help videos on YouTube. Dawn Butler loves passing on the skills of air brushing and also demonstrating that it really isnt that hard!! Her series of videos can be found here and here.


Lollipop Cake Supplies is here to supply you with all the required kits, spare air brushes and cake airbrush colours so you can start creating amazing cakes!



We have an amazing range of colours available for cake airbrushing kits and they range from 4.5oz airbrush sheen colours, 4 colour kits, 8 colour kits, 12 colour kits and electric colour kits.



We have a large range of airbrush stencils in stock at Lollipop Cake Supplies. We also have other stencils from the classic Damask to zebra print. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, we also have some designer stencils available.