Sweet Stamp - Lori Botanical Set - Aubergine Set

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Create floral designs on your cakes and cupcakes with the Lori Botanical Set from Sweet Stamp. The set comes with a large variety of flowers and leaves ready to be embossed onto your cakes and cupcakes. The Sweet Stamp Botanical set were created from hand drawn illustrations from the amazing cake designer, The Caketress. These food safe stamps will create endless designs for your cakes.


The set includes the following;

  • Chic tray for easy storage (to never lose a piece) 
  • 5 mix shape garden rose/peony 
  • 2 dogwood 
  • 1 daisy 
  • 2 types of anemones 
  • 1 ranunculus 
  • 1 clematis 
  • 2 pansies 
  • 4 multisize hydrangea 
  • 4 multiside blossoms 
  • 2 multi use filler flower 
  • 3 berry buds 
  • 9 multi size leaves
  • 3 garden rose leaves 
  • 3 ferns 
  • 6 multiuse stems and branches


Note: There are smaller pieces that have been cut out of the flowers that are not needed. Do not panic if there are some missing when you receive your set. The score marks on the stamps is to help you align the stamp back into the holder.



The largest flower is 7.5cm wide x 5.5cm high and the smallest flower is 1.4cm wide x 1.4cm high.



Use with the standard or cookie tacky pad, sold separately. It is highly advised to use the sticky pads for this set as they are designs  be quite large and delicate.



Fill in your impressions using the Sweet Stamp Brush Duo Set. The set includes two professional brushes, in sizes #000 and #1. Sold separately.