Sugar Structure - 4 Legged - Running Kit

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Wow your friends and make your own, free standing cake using this food grade, aluminium Four Legged Running Structure from Innovative Sugarworks. This cake armature can be adapted to any design that you have in mind. Spare parts are available to ensure that you can add to the structure. Created by Kaysie Lackey from Innovative Sugarworks, this four legged armature has been designed and manufactured to meet the unique needs and challenges cake decorators. 


This structure is light-weight, yet extremely strong and sturdy. It is capable of holding dense mud cake without bending, warping, or twisting! Components are interchangeable to allow for ultimate creative freedom and can be re-used indefinitely.


Available to complement the Running Four Legged Sugar Structure is a large range of spare part kits which means you can customise the kit to suit your exact design! Each kit comes complete with the equipment below as well as detailed instructions.



  • 1 x Base Flange
  • 6 x 1" Rods
  • 2 x 1.5" Rods
  • 5 x 2" Rods
  • 5 x 3" Rods
  • 2 x 4" Rods
  • 1 x 5" Rod
  • 3 x 30 Degree Elbows
  • 4 x 45 Degree Elbows
  • 2 x 60 Degree Elbows
  • 5 x 90 Degree Elbows
  • 2 x Corner Couplers
  • 3 x Wood Screws