Large Project Airbrush Pen With Display Case

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If you need larger amounts of airbrush paint for your airbrushing project, this additional Airbrush from Dinkydoodle with the larger tank will make your job a lot easier. Having the larger tank will allow you to paint larger surfaces with less refills of the tank, or it simply gives you the ability to twist the airbrush without fear of tipping paint out of the paint cup using the standard airbrush.


The Airbrush comes in a neat case which accommodates the standard airbrush and the larger tank airbrush. Another benefit to having the additional airbrush will save cleaning the airbrush between colours. Use the one with the large tank for the primary colour and the second airbrush for the lighter colours


This Airbrush is supplied with a connector that connects to the dinky doodle air hose. The kit also includes two other connectors that can be used in place of the dinkydoodle connector.



  • Adjustable setting which limits the amount of paint you can apply (restricts the trigger)
  • Large 40cc paint tank with measurement markers which helps when mixing paints to the exact colour
  • Dinkydoodle hose air connector
  • Removable paint tank which assists with cleaning
  • Supplied with a small spanner to assist in dismantling the airbrush
  • Fitted with a 0.5mm needle


Also available is the Dinkydoodle Needle Accessory Kit which has different sized needles to provide different operation of your airbrush.