Imitation Sable Brush

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Our premium Imitation Sable Brushes are a great alternative to use from the Sable brushes. Imitation sable brushes are tapered and layered to give a fine point. Extra spring and snap ensures fine lines and detail when painting onto your sugar art.


Size 000 is the finest brush and size 10 is the largest. As the tip gets longer, the base of the brush is thicker.


SIZES (Approximate):

Size 0 - 8mm long tip

Size 1 - 10mm long tip

Size 2 - 15mm long tip

Size 4 - 16mm long tip

Size 5 - 16mm long tip

Size 6 - 20mm long tip

Size 8 - 20mm long tip

Size 10 - 28mm long tip


Note: The length of the tip may vary to the lengths supplied as they do vary from time to time.



When cleaning the brush, ensure that the bristles are straightened to dry. This will ensure that the fine point remains in excellent condition.